1004 Kailua Road Kailua, HI 96734

Ko’olau Lodge F. & A. M. petitioned the Grand Lodge of California for a Charter, which it granted at the annual communication effective May 28, 1961. The Lodge was constituted as Lodge Number 801, on July 29, 1961, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Alfred Breslauer.

Ko’olau Lodge met at the Methodist Church I Kailua until January 1, 1963. During this time the Lodge initiated 31, passed 27, and raised 24 candidates.

A search for another Temple was conducted with disappointing results, until the members found a newly established Episcopal Church that was meeting in an old gas station directly across from Castle Hospital. Finding that the size was not adequate for the performance of degree work, a temporary dispensation was requested and granted by the Grand Lodge to hold all special meetings at Bishop Hall in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu while stated meetings continued to be held in Kailua. In January 1964, another tenant of Bishop Hall caused a small fire and Bishop Estate requested all tenants of the building to vacate.

Fortunately, the Episcopal Church had recently completed the construction of their new parish hall in the Enchanted Lake area of Kailua and they allowed the Lodge to meet there. However, as the Church grew it found itself in need of the storage space used by the Lodge and, on January 5, 1966, the Lodge was notified that it could no longer store its equipment at the Church. The Temple Association bought a van and outfitted it to hold the Lodge’s equipment. On March 2nd that same year, they were informed that after August 31st they could no longer use the Hall, whereby another extensive search was conducted and on September 5, 1966, the Lodge moved to Atherton Hall at the Kokokahi YWCA in Kaneohe.

On October 1, 1969, a resolution was presented to the Lodge to form a Grand Lodge of Hawaii, and at the stated meeting on December 3, 1969, it was tabled. During the years of 1968 and 1969 very few applications were received and in 1970 the Lodge initiated 6 and passed and raised 9. On June 2, 1971, another resolution was presented to form a Grand Lodge of Hawaii.

On August 4, 1971, a telegram was read from the Grand Master of California advising that the resolution would be deferred until after the annual communication so that it could be voted on by Lodge members. On October 6, 1971, two members were elected as representatives on the GL committee. At the stated meeting in November 1971, a letter was received from the Grand Master of California declaring that the action taken by the Lodge to elect the two GL Committee representatives was illegal and that any future action must be in accord with the guidelines provided by the GL of California.

On Nov 7, 1973, two resolutions were presented, (1) that Atherton Hall was no longer available for the Lodge’s use and that suitable hall was available at the Windward Christian Church at 1230 Kailua Road and (2) to change meeting times from Wednesday to Tuesday nights effective January 1974. The Lodge remained at the Windward Christian Church until December 1976. However, meetings continued to be held on Wednesday evenings.

Over the next five years the Lodge prospered and initiated 40, passed 35 and raised 31. On March 21, 1980, the Lodge held a Military Appreciation Night and put on a 3rd degree with the Lodge columns filled.

On March 15, 1981, the first annual St. Patrick’s dinner was a huge success and after all the bills were paid the Lodge cleared $476. Now, every year around March 17th, the Lodge holds a St. Patrick’s Irish Dinner is very popular with the Brethren and always well attended.

At the stated meeting in May 1983, the Worshipful Master announced that there would be a meeting on May 21st to discuss the possibility of forming a Provincial Grand Lodge of Hawaii, and urged all to attend and voice their opinions.

At the stated meeting in December 1983, Worshipful William McKee, Jr., had the pleasure of installing his Brother Cleghorn as Master of Ko’olau Lodge. In January 1984, the Grand Master of California was in Honolulu to establish the seventh Masonic District. The Grand Master at the time also gave Ko’olau Lodge permission to use the Hawaiian Wedding type shirt, white trousers and shoes as the official Tuxedo of Ko’olau Lodge #801.

On April 22, 1986, the Lodge was invited to Schofield Lodge to assist passing a candidate to the degree of Fellowcraft, as they were having a Military Night honoring our Brethren in the Service.

On April 30, the Lodge visited Hawaiian Lodge #21. The Senior Deacon that evening was MW John Driscell Grand Master of California and Hawaii.

At the December 3, 1986, stated meeting it was announced that Ko’olau Lodge would be required to move from meeting at the Kailua Elks Club because of an edict issued by the GM Jack Levvitt that all Lodges meeting in a building that in which liquor is served must vacate the premises within 60days.

On February 4, 1987, Ko’olau Lodge held its 1st meeting in the parish hall of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. We were allowed to construct a temporary shed in the rear to hold Lodge paraphernalia. A new sign was made and posted near the entrance to Kailua. On August 5th, 1987, the Deputy GM Leo B. Mark was received into the Lodge Room and given Grand Honors. The December 1987 stated meeting of the Lodge was voided by the inspector as the Master and both Wardens were not present the entire meeting.
A request was immediately made to the Grand Lodge (now Hawaii) for a dispensation to hold an Election of Officers for 1988. The dispensation was granted and the officers were elected and installed on February 27, 1988.

During the Grand Master’s visit in May 1988 he was taken to view the property that Ko’olau Lodge was interested in purchasing to get his opinion and support. The authority in writing came for the Grand Lodge Committee. This property was subsequently purchased, but was sold later without a Temple ever being erected.

Also at the Grand Lodge Communication that year permission was granted to Hawaii to form a Grand Lodge of Hawaii.

The Lodge continued to meet at Emmanuel Church until the day care center was renovated in the fall of 2009. The Lodge received special dispensation by the Grand Lodge to meet at Kailua Electric Service building until a suitable replacement could be found. In the summer of 2010, the Lodge relocated to Enchanted Lake Elementary School. The Lodge was permitted to place a storage container on site to store paraphernalia.

Ko’olau Lodge was moved to St John Lutheran Church on Kailua Road and continues to meet at there on Wednesdays. Lodge finances have improved in recent years and we are hopeful to find a permanent Temple in the not too distant future!